Plastofer is well-known for its high quality products.

We produce in compliance with UNI EN ISO 15874.

The laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art devices to test raw materials, production process and end products.

• The control of basic raw material i.e. polypropylene through determination of mass flow rate (MFR) and density measure.
• Check of geometric parameters during the production process by means of inspection and electronic gauges.
• Optical microscope testing – structure of raw material in end products, welded joints after tests and the quality of plastic connection with threaded inserts.
• Laboratory tests of end products – a reflection of the extreme conditions of use, among others, determination of inner pressure resistance.
Standard applied in production:
• DIN 8077 Polypropylene (PP) Pipes, Dimensions
• DIN 8078 Polypropylene (PP) Pipes,General Quality Requirements and Testing
• DIN 16962 Pipe Joint Assemblies and Fittings for Polypropylene Pressure Pipes
• EN ISO 15874 Plastic pipe systems for hot and cold water installation;
• Drinking water tested by authorized office

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