Plastofer is one of the first manufacturer of plastic sanitary installations. It has been operating in the market since 1958. Plastofer products are made from polypropylene PP-R, the material designed for the needs of internal water installations and central heating. Plastofer has a complete system of pipes, stabi pipes, fiberglass pipes and fittings with diameters ranging from ø20 to 110 ø mm as well as complementary products. The highest quality of Plastofer products is certified by an external institute of research. Plastofer has all indispensable technical approvals, Hygienic Certificate and we are under constant control of external engineering institutes including all which ensures a consistent high quality of our products.

Service life of Plastofer products is up to 50 years. The wide range of available diameters (20-110mm) allows to construct hydro-sanitary system in big and small buildings, water-main system on boats, Residential apartments, condominiums, public housing, Hospital, schools, laboratories, Hotel and resorts, Office buildings and commercial shopping centres. Our systems show an excellent performance conveying drinking water as well as other kind of fluids. Plastofer product is the perfect mix between a cared craft production and a vision of global market.


Plastofer Srl is a family Industrial company which has been manufacturing plastic materials for over 20 years. Our mission is to adopt quality, technology and flexibility to be able to satisfy every competitive market. We are particularly specialized in producing hydro-sanitary systems for the construction of facilieties in Civil and Industrial Buildings, for Irrigation and agriculture.

The use of modern technological machinery and accurate working procedures enables us to carry out a product in accordance with regulations in force and obtaining the customers approval. We are certified ISO 9001:2000. We hope you can visit our website to recognize our reality and capacity.


Plastofer conceive, design and produces each product in-house, a mean of safety that gives our company a great value. Always attentive to technological innovation , the goods are under control at every stage : from the raw material and his first process, from the design and production of a single product to packaging made by hand. The ability of skilled technicians, and their knowledge of the entire production cycle distinguishes our company for quality and reliability.

This production structure allows us to satisfy any single request. We can offer series of customized items according to specific needs , having a high production flexibility. While maintaining the philosophy of craftsmanship, we are attentive to the use of the most advanced skills and technologies in the plastic sector, without neglecting productivity, according to the demands of the domestic and international markets.


The sector of the water-sanitary system has been suffering the world general business trend as well as the manufacturing sector. Behind those negative scenes, made of pessimism and uncertainty, PLASTOFER has managed to maintain and also strengthen its presence on the export markets. This great achievement has been reached thank to the skills and engagements of all the people involved in the company development who caught the message of the management in terms of customer service and production quality. Moreover the company policy towards Quality has lead to a stronger image among customers, suppliers and competitors, besides the image growth during these difficult moments.

According to the company positive results, the direction wants to stress again the importance of the customer and his needs. Therefore the Managerial activity will be based once again on the following goals: Strong focus on customers needs; Improvement of the capacity of production cycles; Maintenance of Company certification according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Managers have the duty to give the right instruments in order to pursue the objectives given. PLASTOFER wishes a prosperous work and a peaceful business future.


Italy is the cradle of creativity. The artisan tradition and Italian style are known and admired all over the world, so that the Made in Italy brand has always been an added value, scope and refined. An Italian product is immediately recognizable by the attention to details and aesthetic values that it expresses.

In the collective imagination, in our country and abroad, buying Italian products means style, creativity, innovation, class and quality. Boating in this great tradition, Plastofer Srl creates products entirely Made in Italy. The rigorous selection of materials and processing guided by the criteria of total quality, enable us to manufacture and offer customers a wide range of products Made in Italy.

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